What’s the Cost of Living Like in Madrid, Spain?

Like to eat a lot of meat? Add another 100 euros to your monthly salary - copyright pdbreen, Creative Commons


While Spain is still one of the cheapest countries in Europe to live in and to have a holiday in, the cost of living in Madrid still might surprise you. Particularly when you compare it to the average Spanish salary.

In Madrid, you’ll pay around 750 euros a month for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center, or about 500 euros a month on the outskirts. Your grocery bill at the supermarket for two people will come in at between 300-400 euros a month, depending on how many luxury items or bottles of wine and beer you add to your cart and, if you want a pack of cigarettes, just over 4 euros will get you one.

A meal in a mid-range Madrid restaurant nowadays comes in at between 12-15 euros per person, a glass of beer or wine about 1.5 euros, and if you like a cafe con leche or cappuccino with your meal, expect to add on another 1.50 euros.

If you plan on going out to the movies, current price of Madrid movie tickets start at 7 euros. If you want to join a gym, expect to pay 50 euros per month and, if you love shopping, a pair of Levi jeans will cost you 90 euros, Nike shoes 83 euros, and an item of clothing from a store like Zara — 35-50 euros.

Don’t forget too, if you’re reading this, you’ll likely want internet at your Madrid home. That’s another 35-50 euros a month depending on company and type of access you choose.

The cost of living in Madrid may be cheaper than most other European capitals, but that still doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

Most people who live in Madrid will tell you, if you want a halfway decent lifestyle in this amazing city, unless you’re living with mum and dad and everything you earn is ‘spending money’, you can’t get it for less than 1,400 euros a month and even more would be nice.