Where to Find Best Information on Spain: Here, and Elsewhere

Of course, the best information on Spain is found here at SeriouslySpain.  If we didn’t believe that, we wouldn’t be publishing new articles every day, or have as many monthly visitors as we do. But……..if you can’t find what you need here, there are many other excellent places on the internet to find information on Spain, from Spanish tourist boards to independent websites.

Spain.info – One of the prettiest websites on the internet for information on Spain is the official website of theInstituto de Turismo de España (TURESPAÑA) and includes a huge amount of information about Spanish holidays, hotels, tour packages, shopping, ecotourism, rental cars and lots more.

Barcelona Tourist Board – Planning a trip to Barcelona? Before you go, don’t miss checking out the Barcelona Tourist Board’s website.  Available in several languages, including Spanish, English and French, the website has just about everything you’d ever want to know about Barcelona. And some pretty pictures too.

Barcelona.com – Another of our favorite independent websites, Barcelona.com is awesome if you’re looking for trustworthy information about Barcelona neighborhoods, markets, shopping, restaurant reviews, nightclub information and lots lots more.

esMadrid.com – If Madrid is your destination, this website has excellent information, and it’s not stuffed full of advertising. Don’t miss the video section too. Some of the videos are in Spanish, but they also have useful videos on shopping, day trips and more.

Spanish Living – Want to live in Spain? Then read everything there is on SpanishLiving.com.  You’ll find information on healthcare in Spain, schools, how to find jobs, things you need to know about buying property and on and on.

Spain Hotels – Need more in-depth information about hotels all over Spain? Spainhotels.com can help. They also have excellent, cheap prices on many of the hotels they feature. Do a cost-comparison with other websites though before you book, just to make sure you’re getting the best possible price.

IberoSphere – News, commentary and analysis on everything Spanish (and Portuguese). One of the most intelligent websites on the web when it comes to learning more about Spain and Spanish culture.

ElPais – Finally, if you want the daily news from Spain and don’t read Spanish that well, ElPais has an English-language website with a fair bit of their recent news on it. They don’t update it much on the weekend, which is a pity, but during the week it’s a great resource.