Where to Find Tourist Offices in Granada Region of Spain

Alhambra in Granada - copyright jamesgordon, creative commons


One of the best ways to find current information about the Granada area of Spain is to visit one of the region’s many tourist offices. Spanish tourist offices are excellent.  They have many free resources, employees who speak excellent English (and often French, German, Swedish and Italian too), and a huge selection of brochures, maps, and pamphlets too. Some even have DVDs and videos, if you’re looking for interesting gifts to take back home.

On our last visit to one of Granada’s tourist offices, we could not find a restaurant we were supposed to meet friends at for lunch. The lovely woman at the Guadix tourist office had a map whipped out and the fastest way to get there highlighted on it in about 10 seconds flat. We arrived there in less than five minutes — perfect directions.

If you’ll be in the Granada region of Spain and love to poke around and visit everything the area has to offer, hit one of these tourist offices first and pick up maps, brochures, pamphlets, special discounts and coupons.


Oficina de Turismo Almunecar
Avenida Europa, s/n
18690 Almunecar, Granada
Email: ofitur@almunecar-ctropical.org
Tel: + 34 958 631 125

Oficina de Turismo Granada
Generalife, s/n
18009 Granada, Granada
Tel: + 34 958 229 575

Oficina de Turismo Salobrena
Plaza de Goya, s/n
18680 Salobrena, Granada
Email: salobre@redestb.es
Tel: + 34 958 610 314

Oficina de Turismo Granada
Plaza de Mariana Pineda, nº 12 bajo
18009 Granada, Granada
Email: turismo@dipgra.es
Tel: + 34 958 226 688

Oficina de Turismo Granada
Corral del Carbon, s/n
18009 Granada, Granada
Tel: + 34 958 225 990

Oficina de Turismo Guadix
Carretera de Granada, s/n
18500 Guadix, Granada
Tel: + 34 958 662 665

Oficina de Turismo Lanjaron
Avenida de Andalucia, s/n
18420 Lanjaron, Granada
Tel: + 34 958 770 282