Which are Spain’s 10 Largest Cities By Population Size?

Plaza Major in Madrid, Spain's capital city and, of course, the largest in the city


Whether planning on living in Spain or just visiting, you might want to know which are Spain’s largest cities by population size? After all, if you love big cities, you’ll want to head for a few of them. If you hate crowds, you’ll prefer to stay away.

Spain does have a number of large cities although, compared to other European countries and, of course, cities in Asia, Spain’s big cities tend to be quite small. After all, Spain only has a population of 46,754,784 – quite small, compared to many others.

1. Madrid – 2,905,100

2. Barcelona – 1,497,700

3. Valencia – 812,000

4. Seville – 704,500

5. Zaragoza – 607,000

6.Malaga – 539,300

7. Murcia – 366,500

8. Las Palmas – 366,000

9. Bilbao – 351,100

10. Palma -350,700


You will see all kinds of other figures for the population in Spain’s biggest cities, depending on the website you look at. The figures above are only those in the cities themselves, and do not count the urban areas around the cities as they are not in the city proper.