How to Update Your Garden or Yard with Flower Planters and Flower Pots in Spain

terra cotta pots spain
copyright Jenny Downing — Creative Commons license

If you like gardening and live in Spain, you will probably find, every year or two, you want to update the planters and pots in your yard or garden. Updating the pots in your garden can give it a whole new look and even change it from a garden that’s just so-so to one that’s elegant and more beautiful to relax in.

Updating and replacing planters and pots is a little time-consuming, but can be very cheap to do in Spain. There are many different types of planters and flower pots to choose from in many different price ranges, but here are my favorites.

Ceramic Flower Pots – You can buy ceramic flower pots at many gardening stores or housewares store in Spain. Most of them are imported and have beautiful hand-painted designs on them. The cheapest ones are usually made in places like China and Indonesia and the more expensive flower pots are made in Italy, France or Spain.

You can buy ceramic flower pots as cheap as 3 euros and as expensive as 500 euros, it depends on the design, if the pots are hand-thrown and hand-painted, and if they were made in Spain or somewhere else.

Remember, you don’t always have to buy the most expensive flower pots though to get the prettiest. One of the prettiest flower pots I own I bought on sale at a Spanish market for only 3 euros. Ceramic flower pots come in all shapes and sizes from very small (great to grow herbs in) to very large (perfect for small trees or shrubs).

Terra Cotta Flower Pots and Flower Planters – I love terra cotta flower pots and flower planters because they come in all shapes and sizes, with really nice designs and are also very cheap.

You can buy a small terra cotta flower pot perfect for small plants (and around 12 inches in height) for as little as 2 euros and, if you want to make it a bit more interesting, you can also paint a design on the flower pot yourself and then seal it for long-lasting wear.

You can also buy extremely large rectangular and square flower planters for as much as 200 euros, which are wonderful for bedding plants, large herb gardens and even for use as window boxes (if fastened to the wall securely). Some of these also come with intricate carved designs of Greek gods, flowers, vines, and even animals.

They brighten up any garden and actually don’t require much more than putting some flowers in them and arranging the flower planters prettily.

Concrete Flower Pots and Flower Planters – Concrete flower pots and flower planters are wonderful to use outside in your yard as they are incredibly durable.

The drawback is they can be extremely heavy to move so be careful when moving one, or better yet, get a couple of strong guys to help you. Concrete flower pots and flower planters come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors. You can buy square pink ones, rectangular orange ones, yellow circular shaped flower pots, or your basic grey concrete flower pots.

The wonderful thing about concrete flower pots and planters in your garden is you can grow just about anything in them. Concrete pots do tend to be a lot more expensive in prices than comparable terra cotta or ceramic, but they will last years longer.

Starting at around 100 euros and going up to more than 600, you’ll have to shell out a lot more money to update your garden with concrete planters and pots, but if you want flower pots that will last forever, concrete is definitely your best choice.

Stone Flower Pots and Flower Planters – Although called stone flower pots and planters, most of these are actually handcrafted from cement.

The difference between these and the concrete flower pots and planters is that they usually have strengthening additives added to the cement mix, so they’ll last even longer and are perfect for use in any weather, even in states where minus degrees are normal.

The stone flower pots and planters also come in wonderful designs – gods and goddesses, animals, hands, faces, animals, urns, dragons, elves – I’ve seen stone flower pots in hundreds of different designs, all of which look very cute displayed in your garden.

Prices for these pots start at about 20 euros for a small flower pot in the shape of a rabbit or a frog and go up to 100 for a large carved flower planter.

Decorative Flower Pots and Vases – Don’t forget, you can also use decorative flower pots and vases outside in your yard or garden. They come in all types of material – ceramic, glass, metal, stone, even poly resin – and are usually brightly colored with unusual designs.

I have a decorative flower pot on my balcony that’s in the shape of Buddha, but you can get animals, watering cans, fairies, elves, books, hands, shoes – you name it, it’s all available. Some companies will even design decorative flower pots for you.

Starting at 6 euros for a tiny 3 inch pot with a fairy or a frog on it, they go up to over 200 for hand-blown glass pots and vases. Decorative flower pots and vases can also be used indoors.

Wall Flower Pots and Flower Planters – Don’t forget the wall flower pots and planters as they’re fabulous for brightening up a boring wall. Just fasten them to a wall with a couple of nails or screws and put in the plant you want to use.

Just make sure if it’s a real plant that the drainage hole is not hanging over something that might get damaged. They come in every shape and design imaginable and every material – ceramic, terra cotta, glass, stone – and at prices ranging from 10 to over 200 euros.

Again, the ones from China and Thailand will be the cheapest and those from Italy and Spain more expensive. Although, being in Spain, I tend to buy Spanish made where at all possible.

So, don’t forget, if you’re bored with your yard or garden, update it a little bit with new flower pots and flower planters. Just a few dollars spent on new pots and planters can make an enormous difference in how pretty your garden looks.