Marzipan Bakery in Toledo, Spain – Featured Photo(s)

The final result – delicious, eh?

We normally put up just one photo in our Featured Photo section but, in this case, we loved many in the series.

That is because freelance photographer Joel Washing went to a traditional marzipan bakery in Toledo, Spain in 2005, and took a wonderful series of photos of the tour he had there.

Marzipan, of course, is the food of the gods, and nobody makes it better than the Spanish. In Toledo, marzipan is often shaped into small animal creations and then glazed with egg yolk and sugar. Yum!

You will find it at local markets, department stores and specialty stores all over Spain and, of course, at marzipan bakeries like this one in Toledo.

You can find more of Joel’s wonderful photos here.

The entrance to the marzipan bakery
Adding the sugar