Photographs of Altea, Spain: Beautiful Town, Lovely People

View from lookout in Albir over towards the town of Altea

It is no secret that one of my favorite Spanish towns is Altea. Around 30 minutes from Benidorm, and just over an hour from Alicante, Altea is a gorgeous town located right by the ocean that, so far at least, hasn’t become too cheesy or overly touristy.

The people who live in Altea are friendly and lovely too.

A small town overall, although it does stretch quite a way, Altea is a pleasant place to take a stroll (either by the ocean or up into the old town itself) and as for photographs, Altea is a photographer’s paradise. What with the town’s gorgeous white buildings, the lovely squares, the beautiful hilltop church and, of course, those incredible ocean views.

Here are just a few photographs of Altea my father or I took just a few months ago, that I thought would be perfect for our Featured Photographs section, as they really do illustrate what you are likely to see if you visit this picturesque Spanish town.

I will also be in Altea again next week for another month’s holiday and I am sure I will be taking an awful lot more. It really is that lovely.

One of the picturesque streets up in Altea’s old town area.