Nightfall in Cordoba, Spain – Featured Photo


There’s always something wonderful about Cordoba, Spain, as it’s beginning to get dark. The skies darken, the street lights go on, and Cordoba takes on a completely different feel.

Wander through the narrow streets, see the old buildings coming to life with the warmth of the lamplight, and imagine all the history that’s taken place there. Cordoba isn’t one of Spain’s most visited cities for nothing.

This wonderful photo of Cordoba, just as night falls, was taken by photographer, Bogdan Migulski, who has a stunning collection of photographs from Spain, as well as many other countries.

This shot, outside the Hotel Marisa, with people walking off into the distance is such a typical sight in Cordoba, but yet still so beautiful.

For more of Bogdan’s incredible photography, check out his photostream on Flickr.