Occupy London Protester Banned from Malaga Christmas Flight by Ryanair Pilot

Add this to the thousands of reasons never to fly Ryanair.

If you’re carrying literature the Ryanair pilot doesn’t like, the airline may just stop you boarding the plane, just like they did a passenger who was refused on a Ryanair flight to Malaga, Spain after the pilot decided he was carrying literature that he might “distribute” to other passengers. Ryanair, it seems, has now become fascist, along with all their other sins.

The incident happened to an Occupy London protester when he tried to board a plane for Malaga to go home for Christmas. The Ryanair pilot, who we are guessing has his head up the butt of this major corporation, decided the literature the man was carrying was “anarchist” and contacted airport police.

The man, John Charles Culatto, 34, was taken into custody and, while being interrogated, missed his flight.

Nowhere however is there any evidence that Culatto tried to distribute literature to other passengers, or that he was a nuisance to anyone.

All of this happened because one person, the Ryanair pilot, decided to play God and make a decision that affected someone’s ability to get home to be with his family for the holidays.

Do you really want to continue to give your money to Ryanair? An airline that has no regard, and no regard, and no regard, for its paying passengers?

I know I certainly don’t.